Advanced I: Astrology Classes

Astro 306 - House Rulerships/Dispositorships. In one of the most important factors in reading a birthchart, the concept of house rulerships and dispositorships allows us to "seam"up the entire chart, and allows us to watch the process of integration happen within the person. This is an amazing addition to the arrows in the astrologers'quiver; the knowledge gained from this technique alone, gives us a lot more information on how we carry out actions and motivations in our lives.


Astro 307 - Astrological Special Points. There are many other astrological points in abirth chart that deserve some special attention. These points can be major focal points, or points of interest, that will deserve some specialattention. These areas of special attention are like special spices in a recipe; they give special flavor to the personality and the identity. 5 weeks.

Astro 308 - The Lunar Nodes Axis pThese major points are the key tounderstudyingthe ulitmate purpose and potential in a person. The lunar nodes show the direction the soul has chosen for this lifetime. This class will study them in depth, as well as how the whole chart supports, or perhaps inhibits, the evolution of the soul. 5 weeks.

All astrological classes are $90 for five weeks. To see if the class you want is being offered at present, checkUpcoming Eventspage for dates and times! If you are interested in having Eileen conduct any of her classes in your home, please contact her at the email address below! You will get YOUR enrollment for free!

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