About Eileen Grimes

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Eileen Grimes has been an active practicing astrologer for 30 years; she has had many seek her astrological advice and counsel.  She stays very active with her clients and also does a lot of media work - from freelance writing to public speaking. 

She also has a radio show, The Jupiter Rising Show on 1150KKNW, at 11:00am-12:00pm Saturday mornings.  The show is about astrology, plus much, much more!

 Her work with her clients is both psychological and evolutionary:  She helps her clients figure out the "whys" in their lives - mainly the naming and claiming of their existence and purpose, with a down to earth loving approach.  She is hands on, and practical - she helps her clients understand the reality of their lives, providing clear and incisive insight. Her goal with every client is what her motto is - to inspire, uplift and empower.  When we can find the answers within ourselves, we have full use of all our abilities and gifts.

Eileen is also a teacher - she has developed a full set of astrological courses, as well as developed a full mentorship program, for those interested in becoming professional astrologers. 

In 2004 , she released her first book, Titanic Astrology:"  The Grand Design of a Famous Shipwreck, considered a revolutionary work of astrological research.  

Eileen has also served on the board of the Washington State Astrological Association.  She has a BA in Music Education from Central Washington University, and has done her share of musical performing in and around the Seattle area.   Eileen is a Pisces, with Leo rising and Moon in Virgo.  She loves nothing more than a great musical event, or being by the water.  


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