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first became aware of Eileen ten years ago online where she shared much astrology knowledge while giving readings. A few years ago I moved to Seattle and turned on the radio and there she was again sharing her expertise to callers seeking astrological answers. I have had the privilege of having two in person astrology readings. Eileen took time to explain my chart including what significant events and issues might be coming up in the next year. Her readings have been quite accurate and it has helped guide me in decision making particularly in the career area. Eileen is warm, friendly and engaging. It is like talking to a long lost friend. I look forward to checking in with her again.   - CK, Bellingham

I met Eileen 16 years ago.  Being a non-believer of the merits of such personalities, I went to my first astrology reading with Eileen as a favor to a friend that pestered me daily.  My friend knew the suffering I was enduring at the time; I had lost my eldest son the year before and my eldest niece eleven months later.  I will forever be grateful to my friend, for Eileen was truly a God-send!  From that first reading, I knew she had a connection to the heavens,  She was my guiding light during those first grieving years and I truly believe that I would not have pulled through alive if it had not been for her -DB, Lynnwood, WA

Eileen applied her scientific knowledge of astrology with her keen sense of who a person is (and what they’re about), to provide me with some new insights about myself.  I feel like she looked into my heart, my mind AND my DNA to deliver the most accurate and personalized reading I have ever had.  She is spectacularly talented, and she possesses a beautiful loving nature, to boot.- JOD, New Jersey

Eileen is deep and insightful when it comes to reading one's chart. She has an astrological gift and an uncanny intuition. The combination is profound. I know Eileen professionally and personally and can say she is a rare treasure on earth. Her book “Titanic Astrology” is a fascinating voyage into the depths of that mysterious tragedy…she unravels it brilliantly. If you are so lucky to have a conversation with Eileen, you will find it’s not only powerful, it’s one of life’s sweetest, greatest treats. ~ MF, Issaquah

Eileen combines her knowledge of the subject with compassion and intuition.  She is more than a talented astrologer, she is a friend who truly cares.  When I need the truth, I go to my friend Eileen who gently and kindly, but unflinchingly tells me whats’ going on.  “Get Real” with her,  you will not regret it! -MF, Utah

"Eileen Grimes is the only Astrologer that I have ever been able to say that I truly trust. Indeed, that statement extends to the spiritual/metaphysical community at large. We live in a world where charlatans prey on the unsuspecting, filling their ears with what they want to hear. Eileen is a rare example who does what she does out of love; not simply a love for the Mantic Sciences, but a love for people of all stripes. She is not the type to mince words or decorate her interpretations with butterflies and rainbows. As my good friend, she has given me advice that was a bitter pill to swallow, but most medicine is, after all. While I can not envision her saying this of herself, she is a healer: her remedies come in to form of her deft interpretations of the astrological omens. Her surgeons scalpel is an astrolabe and her insight into the human psyche, her probes. But I can personally attest that her caring, her humanity and her compassion are second to none." -  KB, Content Editor, Dark Seattle Magazine, Seattle

I decided to contact her for a reading as a birthday present to myself. What a great gift! When I contacted her, Eileen was not only excited for me but she immediately prepared my chart and we scheduled my reading for the following evening. The experience was amazing! Not only did Eileen provide me with small trivial information that made us both laugh but best of all, she helped me understand who I am and why I am here. I am so grateful to her for sharing her gift and helping me ‘lean forward’ and stay the course. With her help I am already having and remembering wonderful dreams and in general feeling so much better! I truly felt as if I were speaking with a lifelong friend. I fully intend on contacting Eileen ‘every so often’ for a follow-up reading to make sure I stay ‘on track’. Eileen has an AMAZING gift and is a truly beautiful person helping others travel their intended paths. - KL, New Jersey

Eileen is the amazing lady - the first reading she did with me I was bawling my head off 5 minutes in because she was telling me out loud things I knew about myself but never believed. I'm sure she thought I was nuts that day, but it was quite the catharsis for me. Thank you, Eileen!  - WRL, 

Today my husband and I want to give thanks, kisses and hugs to a great lady by the name of Eileen Grimes.  She wears many hats such as Astrologer, Freelance Writer and is in Sales as well.  She contacted me the other day and here's what she said:  Dear Tammy - I want to do something for you, namely look at your astrological chart to get some information that might be useful that could assist you in your finding a job. I have found astrology to be extraordinarily accurate in pinpointing directions we can take to really get the most out of our own lives.   I reccommend you going to her website and have her do your chart too.. It sure has made a huge difference in how I see life now and I know it will yours too!!!   TL - California 

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