Astrological Consultations


For those who would like a full perspective of their life and direction. Fully comprehensive and detailed; we sit and talk about your life in detail and discuss options and the potential your life holds.

I have over 29 years of experience in doing astrological readings. I can totally be of service to you!

Since I have decided to focus solely on my radio show, I’m only going to do readings that are listed below.

Professional Natal Reading $140

The mother of all readings. This is truly a comprehensive reading that looks at all aspects of your character, and will give you ideas and solutions as to how to handle your blocks, and issues that get in your way. This truly is so beneficial, it can’t be understated. You and I work together to find and pinpoint your overall purpose in this lifetime. This reading is very deep and introspective, and WILL help you find your way in life. (1-1/4 hour).

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Yearly Forecast - $125

If you have already had a reading with Eileen, you may want to come and get a reading right around your birthdate. This will give you upcoming trends and events for the next year, plus your solar return chart. This is a great birthday gift, to your loved one, and most of all, yourself!

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Relationship/Synastry/Composite Reading $300

This is the full Monty. A full, comprehensive reading package, designed to work with both you and your significant other to assist you in finding the block and the issues that are an impediment to your greater success in yourrelationship. When couples get together, issues come up that can perhaps pull two people apart. When we look at relationships through astrology, we can see that issues are designed to help both parties evolve separately, and together. This reading includes a reading for each person, then a synastry (reading the two charts, together to see how you affect each other), and the composite (the purpose of your relationship).

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RRelocation Reading (Astrocartography) $140

For those of you who are thinking about making a big move, and want to know what is the best place for you to settle down, for whatever purpose, this reading is for you! We look at what you want to relocate for, and then find the perfect place to do that! The report can be written out if requested, and includes a lot of details as to not just where you should live, but WHY!

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