Special Computer Generated                      Astrology Reports

Eileen has available special astrological reports, which are terrific gifts. Not meant to replace an actual reading - these are nice supplemental documents that will give you a lot of information about yourself, not to mention being very enlightening and entertaining! These reports can be emailed to you, or sent via snail mail, whatever is preferred.  

Professional Natal Report.

ThisThThis 20 page report is amazing in its detail, and how much it knows about you!  en report that is amazingly accurate about natal astrological chart, which gives you a lot of good personal information. This makes a fabulous gift to someone, as well as to yourself.   $25.00 per report

Relationship - Synastry 

This report  is based on the relationship of one person's planets, to the other person's planets.  Relationship Synastry is very useful to see just how one person will affect the other, and what might present difficulties, as well as ease and flow.   $35.00 per report.

Relationship - Composite - 

This report doesn't so much tell how well two people will get along - this one gives a full perspective of the purpose  of the relationship itself.  The compsite chart will be useful to couples perhaps doing business together, or working together in some capacity.  $35 per report.

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