Titanic Astrology:

The Grand Designof a Famous Shipwreck

By Eileen Grimes

What does James Cameron, the producer of the movie Titanic, have in common with Thomas Andrews, the ships' designer, and Helen Candee, a psychic intuitive and author who survived the Titanic disaster?

Having researched and examined over 1000 astrological charts, Eileen Grimes reveals the Titanic's "astrological signature" – the Titanic degrees – found in 83% of birth charts of the ship's passengers and crew!

With a keen astrological eye, Grimes revisits the biographers of the ship's builders, it's passengers, and the writers and moviemakers who later told the Titanic's story. In a fascinating combination of investigated method and bold intuition, Grimes traces each player's connection to Titanic, with startling results.

Certain people living today show the astrological mark of the Titanic in their horoscope. Are you one of them? Eileen's book, will tell you if you are!

Some of the wonderful reviews of Eileen's book!


"Titanic Astrology is an astrological investigation by an author with a soul-level resonance to the story and its characters. Eileen Grimes looked for clues in over 1,200 charts for the ship and the main actors, and discovered in most the Titanic "astrological signature." Her personable analysis of this event reveals why it still looms large in the collective imagination."

- Molly Hall, Astrology.about.com

"Reading thoughtfully prepared historic astroanalysis -- writing that combines historical research with skilled astrological evaluation -- can be a profound way to gain deep levels of insight from historic events. InTitanic Astrology, Eileen Grimes provides the reader with just such an opportunity for insight. Grimes does an excellent job of describing the convergent people, places and events surrounding the historic voyage and sinking of the Titanic, and of showing us why it’s such a compelling tale all these years later. "

- Natori Moore, Soul Food Astrology

"Grimes' book is that wonderful rarity: a true astrological page-turner! I literally couldn't put it down. She defty weaves succinct astrological analysis into a compelling, far-reaching narrative that stretches far beyond a one-shot look at a single disaster chart."

— Steven Forrest, Astrologer

"Six years of Grimes' work — no easy feat, no matter what the topic — has been well worth the wait. She has produced a fine, in fact, unparalleled astrological research journey that just so happens to be fascinating, whether or not you're as entranced by the Titanic's story as some of us are. You'll be awed by the author'sattention to detail — and very glad you made the journey."

— Kim Rogers, Astrologer

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