The URANUS INTAURUS Reading Special!!


Yesterday, May 15, 2018, the planet Uranus went into the sign of Taurus, and tocelebrate, we are offering a reallyspecial, SPECIAL on readings!! Uranus into Taurus implies a lot of different things, but for each of you, it means something special - some place in your life where you need to face something that keeps you from being UNLIMITED!!! For the next 8 or so years, we’ll be confronting where we have certain things that we have come to value, and perhaps how some of those will be overridden with new things. This reading will help you figure all that out!

For only $100, you get a reading! You can give the natal report as s gift, too - for someone who might be afraid of a real reading, but would enjoy a printed one instead! YEAH!

(Good through 7/15/18)


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