The Jupiter Rising Show


Join Eileen Grimes and Doug Johnston, host and co-host of Jupiter Rising, each Saturday from 11:00am - 12:00pm for your dose of astrology to empower your life! Eileen has been an astrologer for 28 years, and has discovered just how powerful astrology can be in guiding her own life. Now she shares her gift each Sunday on Alternative Talk 1150.

Jupiter is about all things expanding and evolving in consciousness; and each week Eileen and Doug aims to offer a wide spectrum of events and guests during her show. The overriding goal, always, for her show is to help you understand yourself in a whole new way, and to give you a chance to take a pause, and go “hmmm.” We offers a lot of different perspectives; call-in readings, special guests, and different features.

Be sure to tune in Saturdays at 11:00am for the Jupiter Rising Show

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