The Pluto in Scorpio Generation: The Loss of Innocence        


Love hides and waits within your feelings

It's full of cloak and dagger style

And always ready without warning

To sentence you without a trial

Love is lethal, love's a crime

Love is fatal, love's a tyrant

Love is murder, love destroys

Love holds on until

Love kills

So now you're staring at the future

But you can't take along the past

And emptiness that silver bullet

Slams and tears right through your heart

The message of these words are the words of this Pluto in Scorpio generation - resonating in our souls. What humans want more than anything else in the world - love - can destroy us. 

These words are from the song,  Love Kills, from the movie soundtrack, Metropolis. a silent film from 1926, that was reconditioned and re-released  in 1984 - the year Pluto went into Scorpio. The theme was about immense power and domination of one person over an entire society of industrial workers.  The Art Deco images are powerful:  the men in the bowels of the city, doing horribly menial work - men running the mechanical systems of the city clock.  Contrasting that is the power that is running the system:  an evil woman with lust and the desire to inflict terror upon the society she rules.  The powerful ending is the transformation and healing of the evil leader, into a woman of love.  Powerful messages and images of Pluto in Scorpio, brought forward to 1984 from 60 years previously!  The film is timeless; the message is just as powerful today as it was when it was made.

Even more ironic - this song was written and performed by Freddie Mercury, who died of AIDS a few years later.  (AIDS, is the Pluto in Scorpio disease - one could indeed, die by having sex.)

Pluto in Scorpio Key Issues

Pluto's transit of Scorpio was from approximately late 1983 to 1996. Society faced some very critical issues during that time. Scorpio issues in all their glory, such as sexual abuse, abuse of power, codependency, domestic violence, and particularly death, were brought to our conscious awareness.  It was an uncomfortable time, since those particular issues have been so hard for most of us, personally, to look at.  The issue of dying from a sexually-transmitted disease was so abhorrent - how could something we love so much kill us?  It seemed incomprehensible to us. If we look at the core of Pluto in Scorpio, it seems that we were faced with the issues of love, and dying. Or that love does die, or that we could die from love.  

Setting the Stage:  Neptune through Scorpio.

Before we really see what Pluto in Scorpio means, we must look back 20 or so years when Neptune transited through the sign.  What exactly were the boundaries we had to dissolve?  During Neptune through Scorpio, we came to idealize the concept of merging with another, body and soul.  There was a stripping away of sexual boundaries.  Neptune helped us put on our rose colored glasses to these issues. We sought to find our "soul mate", or "the one" - the one person that would be with us forever and ever, the one that could be in our souls morning, noon and night - (the "soul mate" term was probably coined during this time period).  Some of us desired this so much, that we even sought artificial ways of getting to the goal:  drugs were sometimes used to seek the merging with others that we were desiring at that time.  The Neptune in Scorpio generation would have been born with the desire, the hope, the faith that there was someone out there for them, a soul connectedness to one special person.  We were  looking for God in the eyes of our beloved.  In the process of soul-merging, we sought to link to others in a most cosmic, intense way.  The sexuality at that time had no stops on it - the experimentation was rampant.  The visual was all-important too, since pornography saw its major growth during that time period.  Our collective shorts were completely dropped at this time in history - never had we felt the liberation of being free to express our sexuality as during that time in history.  It was a massive "love-in" where we all were one, and loving every intense minute of the process.

If we really tell the truth and LOOK, we did see the beginning of the end of this idealism coming 20 years ago. 

As Pluto started its sojourn through Scorpio, the Neptune in Scorpio illusions and idealism was stripped to the core.  We found out that all that free love and sex we came to take for granted wasn't free at all.  This was a brutal time in our history - humanity was paying for what it had done.  Since our resistance was dissolved from the Neptune transit, we were set up for the big guns coming in, to completely level what was left of our illusions - leading to a Plutonian transformation and regeneration.  

Pluto in Scorpio Children - No Holes Barred.  The children born with Pluto in Scorpio might well have had parents with Neptune in Scorpio.  That which the parents idealized and took for granted, was forever ended in these new children.  There is a collective burden in this generation, a loss of innocence.  Their parents, with Pluto or Neptune in Libra or Scorpio, were dealing with the highly romanticized version of relationships, in some form.  Neptune did its job of dissolving - now Pluto is doing the final reality check.

These new children are not like this.  Their souls have incarnated with a completely new agenda.  Their concerns are not intimate one-on-one partnerships, but the world at large.  There is a social agenda and consciousness within these children - they are acutely aware of life's heaviest problems, and if you ask many of them if they have hope for the future, they would say probably not.  

For them, there are no illusions.  Life is hard, staying alive is hard.  They are less inclined to idealize.  The souls of these children seem to be inflicted with much angst; they seem to know death up, close and personal.  Their issues are raw, their pain is deep.  They feel for the entire human race, and its evolution - they seemingly are very prophetic in nature.  These children's eyes are deep, and very sad - in some cases, even blank and some deadness.  Some have shut themselves off from very deep emotions, quite withdrawn and deeply introspective.  These children were born old, and wise from early on, with a heavy burden on their collective shoulders.  They were born, and in the next breath, they were adults. If one could imagine that these children know instinctively what most of the rest of us just now understand about the human race - to know the darker side of human behavior, having a fatalistic and cataclysmic sense about life.  This would be hard for anyone to handle.  But these children know these issues in their souls.  They will be battling a collective sense of futility, potentially very pessimistic.  They know what is REAL.  You cannot lie to them, or gloss over the truth, since they already know what truth is, warts and all.

The consciousness of these children is clearly advanced, but right now, their bodies and emotions aren't quite ready to receive the message from Pluto.  There is immense power and energy that they will have, and are receiving, collectively.  Some are already tuning in - others are in the acting out process and manifesting the darker nature of Pluto, in a destructive manner.  The horror stories of children killing children are running rampant in our media.  

Critical Key Issues:

The issues their parents had to deal with, the emerging sexual revolution, probably desensitized these children to sexual intimacy.  They could have been exposed to a lot of sexual energy in their early years, since the sexual boundaries of their parents were possibly quite loose.  These children have access to anything sexual and they are naturally curious, since sexuality will be a key component of their collective identity.  

They are reaching puberty very young; a lot of these kids have been sexually active from a very early point in their lives.  They always have been aware of their bodies, now there's an acute awareness.  The sexual energy in their bodies, now that most have reached puberty must be immense.  They would have the driving raw desire to somehow 

express this energy.  And since it is so raw, at least for a lot of these children, sexual expression will be, at first, a bit awkward, but sex will have more meaning for these children than any other generation that has come before.  They will be instrumental in the healing of the societal view of sexuality.

Because these children are now coming to a very critical age in their development. Some seem to be in a stasis mode, awaiting the bigger mission that awaits them in the future.  There seems to be an activation of Plutonic energy in these children right now.  

Death and Dying

There is no fear of death, and dying - these kids have already done it, on an existential level.  Yes it is shocking, but very understandable, since these children know that death is a part of life, of existence itself.  The pain isn't about dying, its the staying alive that is the hardest for these kids.

To say that these children will help us understand death is apparent.  Since they know the experience already.  It is said that this generation will ultimately be responsible for either the complete destruction of humankind, or the complete regeneration of society.  This is a distinct possibility.  Remember that these people have dealt with, at a core level, life's' most taboo issues.  They will be representatives of Pluto, bearing Pluto's deepest messages.  

The Transformational Opportunity

There will be many choices facing this generation.  Since they know life's deepest issues in the most intimate of ways, they, collectively, will have the power to transform and heal those issues we're still wrestling with.  It will be up to the individual soul to choose to go the high or low road, to choose light over dark.  They will be bearing the burden of man's inhumanity to itself, and will help heal this planet, or destroy it.  At this time in their lives, one would hope we can assist them with some necessary healing so they can complete their mission here.  

The importance of giving these children the most love we can can't be understated. Love seems to be a key issue that is missing.  There is a noticeable shift in the consciousness of these children if they are accepted and loved for who they are, as all of us would be.  They need to be encouraged to share what they know, because it is what they know deep inside that has the potential to save the world we live in.  Love doesn't have to kill, or destroy - it can transform this powerful generation of people.

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