Astrology and Ethics                              

It is incredible how many people are now migrating to astrology–largely because of the extensive exposure astrology is getting on the Internet.  Astrology classes are popping all over the Internet now; we can literally now learn this art online.  This is a powerful new age and regeneration for our field; this will increase the people involved many fold. 

Since we seem to be in a massive growth phase, as hard as this is to say, there will be more and more people that will more than likely practicing astrology before they are capable and able to do so.  We’re growing as a movement, and as such, it seems there will be more and more cases of misrepresentation of the astrological knowledge by others who haven’t had enough training and preparation in this field. 

The hardest issue about astrology and the profession is that we really, at this time, there aren’t many defining ethical guidelines that can be upheld professionally and legally.  This is slowly changing, for the good, but until we have a structure that can set some kind of professional criteria and guidelines as to the practice of astrology, we will continue to have to monitor its teaching and dissemination to others.

 We have had informal classes for a long time, and many astrologers that have been in the field for many years are starting their own schools.  This is a start, however, the real test is to see that astrology is taught in accredited institutions, and that one can earn a degree that will be recognized by the existing educational structure.  This is one way astrology will gain immense credibility; it is up to us to see that this happens.  We do have movement on that front.  In Washington State, Kepler College is in the formative stages of becoming a fully accredited astrological college.  Hopefully, within a few years this college will be up and running.

Astrology and Counseling

In addition to the basic education of becoming an astrologer, we also need good basic counseling skills.  We know that this art form is quickly becoming a viable counseling tool. It is not enough to simply know the astrological equations and what they mean–it is necessary for astrologers-to-be to have some kind of training in counseling so as to facilitate the information in the most empowering of ways.  Most everyone that is practicing professionally knows this.   We know that one astrological session can take the place of many years of therapy, and how effective it is under the best of conditions.  

We have all seen remarkable transformations in our own clientele, not to mention ourselves.  We have seen the difference that astrology makes in our own lives.  To take on the responsibility of being an astrologer means that we, as a collective group, acknowledge responsibility for ourselves and the human condition around us.  We are here to better our lot, to hand down the wisdom and the knowledge of our craft to others - as well as to empower our clients to be exactly who they are, to their best ability.  We would wish, as astrologers, to leave the world a better place after we’ve personally left it.  A part of becoming an astrologer also means that we have to come to terms with our own issues, our own shortcomings.   Astrology helps us become conscious of all that we can be, and also all that we might have to deal with, within ourselves.  To see where we are at any given time is to really look at who we’re reading for, at the moment.

What can we do?

As mentioned, until such a time we have some very well established guidelines, we will continue to have to monitor its practice, for those seeking to become professionals - and too,  those people who love astrology as a hobby, but have taken it upon themselves to act as would-be astrological counselors.  As they say, a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, especially in the hands of someone who has not  emotionally come to grips with their own issues, let alone capable of giving sound counseling advice.

Lets examine one scenario.  If an astrologer/student sees a major transition coming in a clients chart, such as a Uranus transit over the clients’natal Moon, how exactly does the student astrologer approach this situation? 

This particular transit is complex, because many things can be going on on many levels.  First, and foremost, there is an emotional shift in awareness. The person lets go of emotional baggage and attachments that have been hanging around for a long time, and in a Uranian manner, which is sudden, decisive and irrevocable.  

This transit could manifest itself in many differing ways.  Yes, this is a time of powerful emotional change, of letting go of the past, but its also an emancipation.  If the native has been used to a conventional approach to anything, this is a time where they will leave conventionality behind and go for the bizarre, or unique.  This could not only apply to the person thats going through the changes, but also to their mother too.

Under a Pluto transit to the Moon, one very might have a parent that passes on.  There is a fine line between empowering the client to help them assimilate the change they will go through, or to tear down the situation to the point to leave the client with little or no hope.  We want to leave the client as empowered as possible, so they can make the necessary Uranian changes without falling totally apart.  but considering the nature of the transit, which is sometimes filled with jarring ups and downs emotionally - this could have put anyone over the edge.  One who is going through Uranian times is extraordinarily sensitive and reactive; it is up to us, as astrologers, to carefully help a client navigate a Uranian emotional land-mine, not blow the explosive up in their face.

As astrologers, would we take action when we see that astrology might be misused, such as the afforementioned case?  That is very hard to say, but first we must take responsibility for the content of our own actions, and set an example for others around us who are considering entering the field.  

In such a situation like this, which clearly shows tearing down, not to building up the client, we might have to implement correction.  If we tear down, we are abusing the gift we have been bestowed.  We have to be careful of what we say to a client, and be responsible for that which we say.  Taking astrology seriously isn’t a bad idea, at this point.  Once beyond the sun signs, we know that we have a powerful gift to give others.  Lets see that its not minimized in any way, when we share it with others.

In order for astrology to really make a mark in the psychotherapeutic community, there has to be the strongest of ethics and integrity in practicing our art.  There have been more and more eyes looking in our direction because of what we do, and there will be, at some point, a mass migration of psychotherapists beating down the doors of astrologers wanting to know what we know!  That day isn’t not far off.  We need to be ready for this, ethically and professionally, to enter the mainstream.  We will be needed, more than anyone can even realize.  

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