Ross & Peggy Hatte - Limited Edition Painting  - Circa 1961


Breakfast at Tiffany’s Woman

This picture was found amongst all the paintings that were handed down to me when my father passed away. 

And this one really confused me - I had no idea who had painted it!  Its truly an amazing painting with really nice detail, but it really didn’t fit either of my parent’s style.  Later on, I determined that it was likely my father’s painting; he was an abstract painter from way back, and my mother was very much “in the lines” in her painting.

When I made available my parents’ paintings to the public, this one the first one that sold.  Not surprising - it truly is one of a kind.  My friend David bought it, and he had it framed and it hung on his wall for a long time.

 I had decided to post it on my Facebook page, and found out there were a lot of people interested in a print of it.   Just in the last two weeks, David gave me back the painting. I am thrilled because I am now making the painting available to you!

Having done a little bit of research into the reproduction costs of this painting, I have come up with a reasonable price for it.  the cost is:

Ross/Peggy Hatte Limited Edition Print                                  $200.00

(Which includes shipping and handling)

If you have any questions regarding this painting, please let me know. I would be happy to answer all questions

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