Advanced Astrology III:  Astrology of Consciousness


Consciousness is like YOUR life, once you're onto it, you're onto it. Thats how it really works.  So, when students get to this point in their study of this language, they are working truly on the issues of their own perception of how they see the world - which ultimately means a gigantic step forward in evolution.  Astrology truly is a graduate course in Life; the process of becoming more conscious of your own life changes everything.  These next series of classes really delve into the issues of determining, as best that can be done, the levels of consciousness in the birthchart.  These courses will be focusing, largely, on the outer planets - Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (and to some degree, Chiron).  5 weeks

Astro 514 - Determining the "Reality Principle" in the Horoscope.   The term "reality principle" is really about someone's basic perception of what is real.  Determining how a client sees their own life, is important in the overall understanding of the chart, and how they're dealing with their life.  This class will really help the student understand their own reality, as well.  5 weeks

Astro 515 - Body/Mind/Spirit Consciousness  Some are born here to deal with physical reality, others work at a mental level, and then there are those working on spirituality.  This class will be doing the most work with the outer planets,; the more that Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are active in the birthchart (we will see how that works), the more likely the individual will be encountering life issues that force them to get beyond them.  5 weeks.

Astro 516 - The Prime Directive the Soul   When combining certain forces in the birth chart (the lunar nodes, outer planets, etc), we can get a fuller picture of why we're here on this planet, hence, the prime directive.  This class will be incredibly dynamic, because this is a quest just about every human being on this planet wants to know - especially now, in the evolution of our human species.  5 weeks

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