Astrology's Special Forecasting Tools**


Forecasting, used for predictions, has been the moniker of how astrology has been perceived since time began - and for years, thats pretty much what astrology was used for.  However, now that astrology has taken a giant leap into the field of human consciousness, forecasting is much more than just predicting events in a person's life - it is used to show potential shifts in life direction.   

We will cover in this class:

Planetary Transits.  There are times in our lives where there is significant upheaval and growth, and other times when nothing much happens.  When using transiting planets to our natal charts, we can pinpoint the times when we're likely to make great changes.  We will be studying how planet transits work - and how specific experiences can be attributed to certain planets.

Secondary Progressions  This class will talk about the underlying psychological growth going on at any given point in a person's life. The secondary progressed chart is useful to see where the person's emotional focus is happening right now, and where they seem to be in their process of evolution.

The Solar and Lunar Returns.  The solar and lunar returns are used at the points of the return - the Sun's return back to its place when you were born, and the Lunar return is used monthly, when the moon comes back to the same degree and sign of the moon in your birthchart.  These chart are useful to see where the solar and lunar energies will be working: the solar return, the Sun's activity for the year, and the Moon's activity for the month.  

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