Intermediate Astrological Classes

In this series of classes, the next several layers of the astrological chart will be examined.  The astrological houses, planets in signs and houses, as well as the aspects in the chart, will give a broader view of the entire workings of the human being.  This is the beginnings of what astrologers call synthesis - the re-assembling of the astrological pieces into an integrated form.  These classes will help the student understand more of the layers that make up human beings.


Astro 204:  The Astrological Houses.  The astrological houses show us where in life we have certain life experiences.  In this class we will study the meanings of the 12 astrological houses, as well as the interpretation of the rising sign/ascendant in the chart. 5 week class

Astro 205 - Planets in Signs and Houses.  In this class, we will learn how to synthesize the meanings of our planets, in the signs they're in, and the houses they are placed in.  This process of astrological synthesis helps us understand the "sum of our parts." (5 week class)

Astro 205 - Aspects in the Astrological Chart.  This class will explore the nature of the relationship between planets in our charts, which ultimately is about the integration process, which involves understanding how one part of our persona gets along with another part.  5 week class.

Astro 206 - Planetary Pairings.  Once the aspects are understood, the next step is connecting the dots, or in this case, the planets to each other. This class is about looking at the complexities of our own psyche when we see one part of ourself and another part at odds.  The full expression of a part of us can be modified by what other planet is connect to it.  This class is truly about understanding flow and conflict in our lives.  5 week class. 

All astrological classes are $120 for five weeks.  To see if the class you want is being offered at present, check Upcoming Events page for dates and times!  If you are interested in having Eileen conduct any of her classes in your home, please contact her at the email address below!  You will get YOUR enrollment for free!


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