The Mars Workshop

Passion. Enthusiasm.  Aliveness. Hunger.  

The right to exist, and to express our passion. 



These are the prime components that each human being needs in order to be fully engaged with life.  Each of us has passions untapped and unique talents that might be dormant, and could be put to good use, and could be parlayed into a new career, a new creative venture - whatever it is, it is YOURS to claim.

Each of us deserves this, but perhaps aren’t sure how to capture this fire within us. The Mars Workshop is designed to engage that spark within you, by looking at WHERE and WHAT in your life will get you moving. We will use the astrological chart of each participant, to find out what is their unique energy that will fire up their life, and the world around them.   Each of us has had blockages in expressing passion in our lives; this workshop is designed to make us aware of them, which will help create a whole new relationship with ourselves, and life.

You can have the Mars Workshop done in your area - let Eileen know when/where you’d like it!  Get a group together, and we can do it!  

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