Recommended Reading 

These books come highly recommended by Eileen.  Click the link to get from!

The Inner Sky - Steven Forrest.   This is the first astrological book that Eileen got, and continues to recommend it to everyone - from beginners to advanced.  His style is unique - full of feeling and deep profound insight.

The Book of Pluto - Steven Forrest.  This book takes all of us into the depths of the soul, and shakes it all up.  This is all about our deeper nature, and what we really want in our lives, and we're scared to death to get it.  

Healing Pluto Problems - Donna Cunningham.  One of the best books on Pluto, written with a gentle and caring hand.  

Planets in Transit - Robert Hand - a great reference book on all forms of transits = all the way up to Pluto

Synthesis and Counseling in Astrology - Noel Tyl - Tyl’s masterpiece and masterwork.

   1.  Development of the Personality - Book 1 - Seminars in Psychological Astrology - Sasportas/Greene

   2.  Dynamics of the Unconscious - Book 2 - Seminars in Psychological Astrolgy - Sasportas/Greene

   3.  The Luminaries - Book 3 - Seminars in Psychological Astrology - Sasportas/Greene

   4.  The Inner Planets - Book 4 - Seminars in Psychological Astrology - Sasportas/Greene

   5.  Through the Looking Glass:  The Search for Self in the Mirror of Relationships. Book 5 - Seminars in Psychological

         Astrology - Sasportas/Greene

Sexuality in the Horoscope - Edited by Noel Tyl - extremely good book especially Dr. Glenn Perry’s piece

Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul - Jeff Green - the definitive book on Pluto, by its master

The Astrological Neptune and the Quest for Redemption - Liz Greene - amazing book - wonder how she ever finished it!

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