The Mentorship Program


Astrology is a language that has been passed down from generation to generation - the importance of this science continuing on in the future, through future generations, comes down to passing on the knowledge.  

This is the purpose of the Mentorship Program.

For those people who wish individual attention and would like to learn astrology at their own pace, to gain in-depth self knowledge - as well as potentially become a professional astrologer - the Professional Mentorship Program might just work for you. The full course is about one year long, and is tailor-made for the individual student. All the individual courses Eileen teaches will bundled in one major course.  This is a fully comprehensive course study. 

Eileen's course focuses on psychological and evolutionary astrology.  The work is in-depth, and fully probing into all aspects of human behavior.  The program itself is extensive; the length of the course depends on the speed at which the material is learned, and assimilated.  Average time to complete the course is at least one year. When the course is completed, the student receive a completion certificate.

This is a one-on-one program - all sessions are privately tutored by Eileen.  The cost of the course will also include seminars and meetings with other private students, so that we can share in our process of learning.

The charge for the course is determined by how much knowledge the student comes into the course with, so therefore it could vary from student to student.

Eileen will discuss this with the potential student, and determine what course of study would work.  If you are interested in this program, or want more information, please contact Eileen at the email address below, or give her a call!

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